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I know I’m taking a break from blogging but I read a powerful article yesterday that has triggered me to break my cyber-silence. It’s a challenging piece in yesterday’s Guardian on the subject of racism by . Having grown up in the shadow of a war not just against aggression but against the genocidal ideology that lay behind it, and now following a spiritual path, the Bahá’í Faith, that has as a central tenet the abolition of all prejudice, I am all too aware of how deeply the seeds of racism are buried in our Western psyche. Cleansing ourselves of its toxin is far harder work than many of us think. Below is a short extract: for the full post see link

Munroe Bergdorf’s assertion that all white people are racist has upset many, but society is skewed in our favour and it is right to acknowledge that.

Last week, model Munroe Bergdorf hit headlines when a statement she’d posted on social media following the protests in Charlottesville allegedly calling all white people racist was leaked to the Daily Mail. Since then, Bergdorf has received rape threats and death threats, been accused of “playing the victim”, and been sacked from a L’Oréal campaign that, ironically, celebrates diversity.


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